Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 292

The next 3 days I'm at a conference for work.  Our ultimate destination was a surprise but the day kicked off with heading to the Observatory hotel to do some team building stuff in a conference room.  For lunch we headed up to Observatory hill (pic 1) to meet up with the team running the 2nd half of the day.

It turned out we would be in teams and taking part in an amazing race style event around 3 separate locations in Sydney.

As soon as I heard what we were doing I was excited and wishing I'd worn shorts and a t shirt at the same time as it was quite a warm afternoon!

During the first leg around the Rocks we had 4 stations we had to go to, one was finding the items hidden in a nominated spot, another was using a mystery eye thing to get a code for a locked box to get the item out, and 2 were vastly different food challenges. 

 The first involved 3 people in the team... One had to eat a tim tam covered in vegemite, the next a dry weetbix and the last had to blow up a balloon until it popped.  I chose the tim tam and it was actually really yummy even though most of the chocolate had melted.

the 2nd food challenge was on top of the Cahill expressway at the lookout and consisted of 3 covered dishes you had to randomly choose.  We went with the middle dish which turned out to be cooked intestines.  the other 2 were chicken feet and half a raw white onion.  So many teams got the white onion, yuck!

Then it was on a ferry off to watsons bay where we did 3 challenges in the one spot, then onto a bus to Bondi with 3 challenges in 3 different spots along the beach and receiving our final instructions to head to the  Icebergs club.  the rest of the pics are the view from there.

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