Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 123

Not a birthday but a farewell, for another very good friend.  This one is leaving Sydney to head to the mountains for a new job.  I'll miss her presence in sydney but we'll see her as much if not more over winter.  The irony is she'll be working at the place we've chosen for our wedding.

Driving home across the harbour bridge I decided to see what effects I could get with my camera.  Interesting!

and JD eating snails at the restaurant, we were all hoping for a Pretty woman moment , would have been hilarious! 


  1. I always remember that line from Pretty Woman when the waiter catches the snail that slips out of Julia Roberts' tongs and she says "Slippery little suckers!" hahahaha!

  2. hehe it's exactly what we all said when they came out :)

  3. Yes, that's your snowboard Lee :)

  4. no it's James' snowboard!

  5. No really? it's a bit big for you :p


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