Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 194

2nd gardening effort and I was determined to dig a new hole in the clay....... 2 hours later I had successfully dug 1 hole.  Didn't help that we didn't have a mattock, only a long handled shovel.

After a trip to one of my favourite nurseries for advice I returned home with some Gypsum and potatoes.  The spuds will be 'planted' no dig garden style in the front yard to help break up the clay.  As soon as I said where we lived the nursery guy suggested both gypsum and potatoes, apparently planting potatoes when you first moved into a new house used to be common practice to loosen up the soil.  Can take a couple of seasons, but I'm prepared to wait for that :)

Sugar cane mulch was put around the hardengergia climbers I bought for along the side of the house to create some privacy, just need to get some wire in the next few months to train them along it.

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