Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 205

3rd day sick, yucko.

nothing taken outside, spent most of it in bed and answering some urgent emails for work.

Who's in the bag?

Nutty and her new toy catepillar lol

Not sure if her obsession with climbing into bags is normal or not, she also loves sitting in cupboards and is quite comfortable with us shutting the door on the pantry while she's in the bottom where her food is stored and leaving her there for an hour or more (I forgot the other day and several hours later she burst out of the cupboard).


  1. Nutty is definitely very cute. I think that most cats enjoy being enclosed. Maybe they feel safe, especially if the object has their owners smell. Judy

  2. oh she'll sit in anything, a tupperware delivery box as soon as I open it. She'll rifle through the tupperware to get to the bottom! Any box or bag new to the house or old, cupboards are her favourite though, LOVES sitting in a cupboard for hours and hours :)


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