Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 214

A couple of pics to fill in today.

We had friends over for breaky but I forgot to get a pic.  Normally nutmeg will wake us up at 6, then 7, then 8 etc however this morning she decided to let us sleep in, so we woke up to the sound of solid knocking on the front door.  Whoops!  a hurried throwing on of clothes and a quick brush of hair and  we were both up and greeting steph and jimmy. Great breaky, then we moved onto the rest of the day

Visiting Brendan's brother and SIL to chat about minding their cat, Minstrel, while they are away after our wedding.  They'll be in Europe for approx 11 months and we put our hands up if they needed us, which they do.  Minstrel is a lovely cat, old man really 10 years old and the pic tells the story of how much different to Nutmeg he is....

Once home I started on my goal for the day to use up the oranges and lemonade fruits mum had given me.

8 jars of lemonade curd and orange curd later and I had barely made a dent!  More marmalade is on the cards


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