Friday, August 6, 2010

Day 219

First day on snow for this year, we drove down last night.  AWESOME day at Perisher.

The crew :)

Have to post some of the food we consumed at the new Japanese place in Jindabyne, Eboshi.

Ikayaki - Japanese pancake (like a crepe but a little bit chewy) filled with squid and covered in kewpie mayo and Tonkatsu sauce (kind of like BBQ sauce)

Steamed Gyoza

grilled rice balls - YUM!  the outer bits of rice get really crunchy and a charred flavour, really nice

Karage Chicken - closest equivalent is KFC, but the marinade for the chicken is ginger, sesame oil and soy based and the 'batter' is a light tempura style.

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  1. Oh yum... I've gotta visit the Japanese restaurant when I'm in Jindy!


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