Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 306

My birthday today and we had 2 cakes at work!  1 purchased by the lovely K and the other made (ahem) by our boss A (suspect his wife might have made it but it was yummy!)

I didn't get pics of the cakes, surprisingly!  they were eaten faster than I could blow out the candles :)

A couple of us were tidying up our store rooms for our department as we'd run out of room due to old logo stock hanging around.

On our way to organise distribution and disposal at our old office we came across these old guys, they arrived a few years ago with broken necks (steel rod through them) and clearly the person supposed to fix them didn't let anyone know they hadn't done it!  awesome!

so they were on their way out and the warehouse guys tied them up as a joke :D

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