Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 365 +2

New years Day, and my starting day for last year.

I can't believe it's here, the last day of this project, a whole year in pictures.  Looking through the physical album is really interesting and I love it :)

can't wait to do whichever focus I end up deciding on (suggestions welcome) for 2011

A few last shots for 2010 project life.  I couldn't limit it to just one, it was such a great day!

After a very quiet NYE, that'll happen with 2 pregnant women in the house, we headed to the beach early as it was predicted to be an absolute stinker.  Ended up being 41 at Moruya airport before the squally southerly change blustered it's way through.

 Lachy was entranced by Nick, giving him some sand here


Glistening water and cooling off

Lachy mixing it with the boys

Practising the wide legged shallow water beach stance with the boys

Family off for a walk.

Tuross beach

We headed for Narooma to get away from the heat, but by the time we'd managed to organise ourselves the cool change had arrived in Tuross, we still went even though the temp dropped 15 degrees in half an hour before we got in the cars!

view out to Wallaga lake, low tide.

mmmm iced chocolate at a lakeside cafe in Narooma

Lachy enjoying Dan's milkshake

More....  great kid, he just picked up the straw in dan's shake and started sucking, he'd never done that before or used a straw.  then when the tide got too low in the cup took the straw out, tipped the cup back and started drinking.  made us all crack up!

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