Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 365 +1

New Years Eve.

This afternoon we head down to Tuross Heads on the nsw south coast for the weekend, thankfully my employer is allowing us all to leave at 3pm and monday is a public holiday.  it's only a 4 hour drive via the inland route so we should be there for dinner.

this is a Chevy silverado Ute (as we call them here) and it's an anomally on our roads as we really don't have cars or Utes that big.  As a guide for those who know my US ski trip pics this is the size of the Suburban we hired but in Ute format.

2 things struck me:

1. you can buy them in Australia

2. what is with those tiny itty bitty wheels in the massive wheel arches?  I laughed for the entire time we were behind it as it just looked ridiculous, particularly with the flares on the wheel arches hehe

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