Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 154

Whoops!  for those who noticed, I uploaded the wrong image and text as today....  here's the correct version

I arrived home to find a newly arranged space next to the dining room.  Apparently it's getting ready for the new TV........ Not sure which TV this is or where the $$ is coming from, but it's set up so it looks like it's all waiting for one haha  

Brendan re arranged the furniture on his fortnightly roster day off and I have to say I'm impressed with his eye for space and how to use it, much better than how we put it in there when we first arrived.

nice one honey :)


  1. I like that arrangement :) AF xx

  2. It works really well :) Nutmeg loves the change too, she can get behind the blind by climbing onto the back of the lounge!

  3. I see a nutmeg lurking in that shot.... photo hog that she is.

  4. She was inspecting the new set up ;)


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