Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 174

I sent out some invitations via an online invitation site last week without realising they have  a promotion on to 'win' something.

So the parcel arrived today and the box was immediately occupied by Nutmeg, surprise surprise!

then she yawned........


  1. little cat with big mouth :-)
    nice cat, nice photo

  2. What was in the box before Madam decided to move in?

  3. 2 large packets of Samboy chippies! I sent some invites out on myinvites.com.au and Samboy are running a promo, 7000 packets to give away lol and I'm getting 2 more as I added 2 more people to the list of invitees haha :)

  4. I am Nutmeg, here me ROAR! bh


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