Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 156

I finally found a pair of "hoodies for your feet" slippers with snowflakes on them.  They came out around mother's day but sold out almost immediately, I was wandering through Target with a colleague on our way to lunch and stumbled across them

yay!!!  toasty tootsies, brendan will be pleased, no more ice block feet :D


  1. OMG I totally need something like these for my g/f....she's terrible for putting icy feet on me when we go to bed.

  2. hehe only $25 Aussie. give me her shoe size and I'll send them over, seriously. best things ever!

  3. I want them---jealous. I can think of a couple of other people who would like them as well. I hope Target gets more in.

    Does nutty like them?AF

  4. Target at macquarie centre had heaps mum, let me know if you need some I'll grab them on tuesday.

    Nutty isn't sure of them, she hesitates coming too close when I walk past her, staring at them warily!


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