Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 364

So after 12 loads of washing yesterday and we still have more to go we needed a break.  I'm back to work today and Brendan has the time off (boo)

got a call from my sister to say the rest of her christmas present for me had arrived so I headed over to pick it up.

Ta Da......... yes another Project Life album, one of the 2 new designs :)

As a refresher, Becky Higgins is the amazing woman who developed the kit and her website is here Becky Higgins website

the extra white box is blank Journalling cards.  You get all the coloured ones in the kit, but Jussie thought I'd like some extras.  Might use them for something else..... thinking cap on!

Nutmeg claiming yet another box , too cute

I'm not sure how i will focus this year....

a few options are

Option 1:

The last 6 months of being just the 2 of us, then the baby and us from july

Option 2:

Pregnancy and baby

Option 3:

All about me before (as many friends have told me) i lose my own identity and become mum (not sure what's so wrong about that, it's something I've always wanted and it's here in a few short months time).....

I'm leaning towards option 1 as it will create a nice record for brendan and I to have of just us.  I won't do a picture a day, but will do 5-7 photos a week, so some will be from the same day

she certainly likes the box.....

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  1. Like Nutty on the box. She's cute. I also like option one. It's good to have some record of your time together as a couple. As life rolls on and the kids arrive you can forget about it. Judy


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