Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 109

Today was a day at the Zoo!  Brendan's work is a sponsor so they get a staff day once a year and today is it, unfortunately it coincided with the last day of school holidays and the weather was absolutely glorious!  not to mention the 2 cuties in the photo below which are drawing massive crowds.

Luk Chai is on the left and Pathi Harn on the right (his mother behind).  Pathi Harn was initially called mr Shuffles by the keepers and is something of a miracle (the thai meaning of his name) as he was thought to have died in the womb during birth.  It was 1-2 days later that he arrived with signs of life, he's now 5 weeks old and 156kgs!

Luk chai was born earlier in the year, or late last year and is 400kgs!

So wonderful to see them playing and just to have them there is very cool!

more on them all here - Taronga Zoo

A few extra pics of other zoo creatures.


  1. Looks like you had much nicer weather than last year.

    Love the easy life those meerkats have.

    Hahaha, the word I had to verify so I could post this comment is "hymen" PMSL!!!

  2. Yeah the weather was absolutely gorgeous this time! and the baby hefferlumps made it quite special :)

    We'll have to go when you're here :)

  3. OMG You have penguins at your zoo?!?!

    I love penguins!! The zoo in Calgary hasn't had them for about 20 years, but I do remember having to see them every time we went when I was as child.

  4. yeah we have all sorts of penguins :) There's even a colony or 2 of Little penguins at North Head, which is the northern headland at the entrance to Sydney harbour.


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