Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Day 98

The weeks seem to be going by faster than ever lately, so I'm really pleased I'm doing this project.

Timing eggs - this was the first time I'd used this egg timer, my dear friend belinda gave it to me last year on her return from her holiday to the UK, before moving over there :(  It's a spinning reel for cotton and she bought it at the UK National Trust along with 2 very cute egg cosy's which I'll post soon.

I like the historic and the reuse aspect of it, and it's an ingenious reuse!


  1. Woot!!!

    Now we just need pics of the egg warmers sitting atop a couple of boiled eggs :D

    num num num num....

    (don't forget the soldiers for dipping!!)

  2. might have to do that tomorrow, we're off to the zoo again, Brendan has freebies so jussie dad Brendan and I are going :)


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