Saturday, April 3, 2010

Day 94

Easter Saturday

Our goal today was to suss out Lake Crackenback resort for our wedding ceremony and reception, and luckily it's as gorgeous in real life as it is in pictures, so we've booked ourselves in for September! :)  YAY!

On our way back to Jindabyne we called into Crackenback Cottage and Wild Brumby schnapps distillery.

Both pics are special today as the first is of the wife of the chef and owner of our favourite restaurant in Jindabyne, Cafe D'arya, a Persian restaurant with unique food for anywhere, let alone Jindy!

The 2nd pic is of the ducks/geese allowed to wander amongst the raspberry brambles as bug controllers :)


  1. Good pick for the venue! T

  2. hehe yeah I reckon we could knock 1 or 2 stars off their rating by the end of the weekend !


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