Sunday, January 3, 2010

365 days project

I have decided to undertake the 365 days project, which will have me taking a photo a day for 365, sounds simple!

So every week I will upload a photo for each day of the week and once a month a photo of me, others who've tried this have said their photography skills have improved significantly and that is one aim of the project for me. However the main reason I'm doing the project is to see how I view the world and to see how my perception of the world changes or stays the same the more I'm encouraged to look around me (in the need for a photo a day).

I started taking pics on New Years day and will finish on New Years Eve.


  1. I think this project is fun and it will be interesting to look back over the 365 days.

  2. I plan to put it all into an album and start after each month so it's not daunting once I get to the end.


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