Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 20

While we settle in and get everything put together I think my photo's will be fairly house orientated and not spectacularly photographed on the run, but memories for brendan and myself in years to come of how we started off in our house.

the dining table, yet again brilliantly put together by brendan and we decided to treat the middle space as a room rather than a hallway (my brilliant idea) so the 'dining room' is now a sitting/living room and the previous thoroughfare room is now a dining room :)


  1. Much better use of the area. Means a lot now that we've seen it. Great house. Judy

  2. Forgot to mention - love the pants Brendan.

  3. It makes more sense and allows for better use of the entire area. It is good,also, that you are able to have the table in the centre of that space and everyone can walk around and past it easily. Anne


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