Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23

43 degrees at our place today, so with no air con we went shopping for bits and pieces we needed like a fridge, blockout curtains for the loungeroom and an outdoor setting.  We'd been out all day and around 3.30pm we ended up at Bunnings Norwest to look at outdoor settings.  We got out of the car and it was a furnace we walked less than 50m to the door and the breeze changed from baking hot to cool and gusty.  It surprised us as much as everyone else, one lady coming out of bunnings looked at us in shock and elation and the 3 of us shared a laugh about the sudden change in temp.


  1. 43 :( I don't miss the heat one bit. I feel sorry for you but I hope you can get the a/c going in the new house xo

  2. we've got a service call the day after we get back from Japan and the forecast is looking like only high 20's until we leave, so fingers crossed!


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