Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 22

home from Melbourne today and my regular taxi driver had an orange juice waiting for me because it was so hot, so lovely of him!

Later on we opened the garage doors to let some of the heat out of the house (33 inside at 8.30pm = urgh) and a spider dropped down from the door and it had a very unusual 'growth' on it's back.  Brendan to the rescue with a tupperware container and we scooped it into that while I got my spider book.

Turned out to be a female wolf spider (not poisonous) with her babies riding around on her back, 10's and 10's of them! brendan relocated her to the reserve behind the house by way of a gentle push from the tupperware container (hope the babies had parachutes).


  1. Gaahhh! Are you mad?

    When I was at a friend's place (I was about 10 or 11) one of these spiders was crawling on her mother's kitchen floor. I was up on a chair screaming, my friend's father came in and went SMACK with a thong and all the baby spiders went EVERYWHERE. He didn't realise the mother was carrying babies on her back. Suffice to say, the babies met a swift end thanks to a can of Mortein.

  2. Aaagh!! You know what I am like regarding any spider! Glad I did not meet that one!

    I looked up from my laptop the other night and froze. A large, hairy monster was spreadeagled on the window pane in front of me. I made Peter check the "thing" was outside (we have had red backs inside that window) and told him to pull up the blind. Then I watched it---just in case! I barely took my eyes off it for a very long time. As soon as I did, it disappeared. I got the large torch and shone the light around the window. No idea why! Blush, blush! Anne


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