Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 26 - Australia Day

Probably the best Public Holiday of the lot as there's no real requirement to do anything if you choose not to. We chose to have a BBQ so both of our parents could meet and we could catch up with family.  Not all could make it as they are interstate or working etc however it was a really nice afternoon (even though it was really hot) and we have a (new) fridge with leftovers.

The aftermath....


  1. Hope you are enjoying your sausages! We enjoyed ours and the rest of your lovely BBQ and hospitality. Nice to meet your family. Judy

  2. Sausages finished tonight, so we're back to our more usual diet tomorrow night.

  3. It was a very hot day but so pleasant. Lovely to meet Brendan's family. And such a relief the house moving is over for you both. Anne


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