Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 25

A favourite photographer of mine from Tibla Tilba/Narooma NSW way, he uses a panoramic camera and infrared film, it's not black and white but it's not all sepia coloured either.  this is one in a series of 3 I own and would love to add to the collection however the framers covered the photo details on the back :(

Edit: Thanks to Google I now know the photographers name is Glen Ryan and his infra red works are in high demand.  He doesn't print these smaller 350mm long ones anymore though, only larger prints (framed $900-$1200) and for the latest series only 1 offs making things quite exxy (I haven't asked prices yet).  So I'll be buying the coffee table book I think or saving up for a one off.


  1. I like it!

    Would be good to know who the photographer is, I love Tilba Tilba & Narooma.

  2. Drat! I should have made sure I had the details from the pictures before framing was carried. Good to see you found the information. Hooray for Google!! Anne


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