Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 33

I was inspired to do this 365 project by a colleague who is into her 2nd year, she is an amazing organiser and a mad keen scrap booker, so I think our reasons for doing the project while similar are quite different.  I ordered the Project Life kit that Becky Higgins put together as an easy and simple way of scrap booking without scrap booking.

It's a preformed kit of journal cards (the idea scares me!) header cards, month seperaters etc and plastic sleeves into which you put your photo's for each day as well as the journal card that matches the photo.

It arrived today and I was so excited to get the Aus post card in the mail box letting me know I had a parcel that I rang the post office to see if the courier had dropped it off yet.  Alas no, so I had to wait until nearly closing time to go and pick it up.

I had no expectation of the colour of the folder other than it would be 12 inches x 12 inches and the components that would go into it.  I was so thrilled when I opened the box and caught a glimpse of red, it's one of my favourite colours.

For any of you who know me very well you'll be reading all of this and thinking to yourselves what has gotten into her.  I know, it's fairly left field for me to be into this, and it must come as a bit of a shock to some of my girlfriends, maybe only a little shock.  I've always admired the dedication of 'scrappers' but don't necessarily like the 'art'/craft side of it, the time it consumes and I'm not a crafty person so I've never considered it was something I'd ever do.  I'm creative with photography and I love all types of art, so I think that's what drew me to the PL kit, it allows me to create an attractive album and focus on my photography skills every day.

The album above ^

And the bits and pieces below \/


  1. I'm also doing the 365 Project, so it's nice to see what other's have on the go for the same project.

    Great looking binder, and components for it.

    Looking forward to more of you 365 shots, especially from such a great part of the world.

  2. Thanks Dave, where abouts are you located?

  3. That is interesting. A great idea. Anne

  4. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you on this. It's been pretty hectic.

    I'm in Calgary Alberta, Canada. I'm really enjoying seeing the kind of views the other side of the globe holds. Your framing and photo composition is great. I hope to lean from this, and others I see.

  5. Thanks Dave. Do you have a blog of your own? I can't see one linked to you, would be keen to follow if you are doing the 365 days project too.

    you must be sore about losing the hockey, or is that like mentioning the war?

  6. hahah, Yea, that hockey game really had my place up in arms! but, we seem to have it figured out now. Beat the Germans last night, here's hoping we can beat the Russians tonight. I haven't seen much as far as the Aussies go, save for some of the skiing events. How are they doing?

    And I do have a blog for my 365 project actually.


    Looking forward to your comments/thoughts, etc.


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