Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 53

Ta da.....

The latest addition to our household after a visit to the RSPCA is this gorgeous 2 year old (they think) ginger female cat.  

No name yet, we're not sure what to call her.  Suggestions so far are: Asuka (after a japanese anime character), Meeku, Lulu, Nutmeg,  Camille Claudel (Rodin's mistress), snap (as in Ginger Snap biscuits), Moy, Mei and Belle.

At the moment we alternate between the name the RSPCA gave her, Princess, and puss lol  One of those will probably stick!


  1. What's the Japanese word for princess? That might be appropriate? She's very cute!

  2. Wiki says - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hime

    Ojyo is daughter of the king

    Hime is used with the princesses name, but more refers to any beautiful lady of high standing.

    Neither rolls off the tongue. Hmmm

  3. She gorgeous. I like Meeku or Princess but looking at her Camille suits too. What about Butterscotch or Honey???? Judy

  4. She looks lovely, I really like the last photo !

  5. She's totally nutty, so we've called her Nutmeg (I have slipped and called her nutbag) and nutty for short. Good that she's settled so quickly, only a few days for her cheeky side to really come out!


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