Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 55

After yesterday's oppressive heat Nutmeg was full of energy playing madly with every toy she has and running after both of us when we walked out of the lounge room, skidding crazily around corners and running between our feet as we walked.  I can see one of us falling fairly soon! lol

She's a ball of energy though exhausted herself totally!

Brendan was reading and she snuggled up under his book on the lounge.


  1. It's lovely to see Nutmeg so settled and comfortable so quickly! She looks like a real character. One of our cats' fave toys when we were in Vic was a piece of uncooked pasta such as penne or spiral pasta. They could bat it across the floor boards and because it moved so quickly that made it even more fun to chase! We'd love a cat again but can't spare the money atm :(

  2. the kitty litter is her favourite new toy, she digs and digs to get just the right piece then spends ages chasing it around batting it all over the house lol.

    Once you guys are back on your feet you'll be able to get one :)


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