Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 58


Standing in the kitchen staring absent mindedly at the lemon and limes in the fruit bowl jogged a long forgotten memory of Dad taking macro shots of orange skin.  There was a bellows involved, I vaguely recall it was attached either straight to the camera body or to a lens to extend the range, or magnify the object, in this case an orange.

I was amazed at how close he could get and subconsciously it has influenced how I take photos as far as trying to get in as close as possible.


  1. Very cool the way the bowl twists and distorts the shape of the fruit. It took me a second to figure out exactly what it was. My first thought was "Photoshop effect" before it clicked.

  2. I got a completely different perspective to Dave's, and I never would have guessed a fruit bowl! I thought you had immersed the fruit in water then rippled the water's surface to get the effect LOL! Oh well, it's a good way to get people discussing your pics huh?

    xo B

  3. hahaha, I guess the "photoshop" idea is a standard first impression for a graphic designer.

    I can see the water look now too tho. Interesting how people see things so differently.

  4. haha It's a crystal bowl that has ripples on the surface. I should have cleaned the dust off I guess, oh well

    Love how you both thought totally different things :)


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