Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 47

Breakfast at Alupu

This is one version of the western breaky served every morning at our lodge/Pensione, bread of some sort accompanied the meal and everyone got the same. Interestingly the broccoli was steamed but cold, the peas corn and carrot were warm and had salt and pepper on them, the meat was cold this morning, though the type of meat varied from short round bacon to the devon style sausage in this pic.  There was always potato on the plate, mostly a stir fry type or mix, hash browns were a surprise. 

Some mornings we were treated to "salad" instead of the corn, peas and carrot mix.  Salad is a loose term as it was mostly iceberg lettuce and a salad dressing. 

I  love Japan!

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  1. Photo's good but I'm not sure about the actual menu. Sounds a bit strange. Judy


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