Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 46

Having a nap after dinner on our last night in Hakuba.  We missed out 8pm booking elsewhere as we got on the wrong bus, so by the time the bus finished it's loop it was 8.45 and the kitchen at this place was closing at 9pm.

We were all very tired after a big day and then the bus ride or tour of the resort and a late dinner.


  1. Brendan looks as if he had a very hard day. Keep this one for his 40th birthday show and tell. Judy

  2. it had been a fairly small day skiing, but it was quite late. I could do a whole slide show of sleeping brendan shots LOL :)

  3. haha! didn't notice that. Maybe Rob could have carried him?


  4. Lee - and let emily walk? haha


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