Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 52

Multiple things happened today, but my photo of the day is Swans related, that's the Sydney Swans AFL team for those of you not in australia.

AFL isn't native to sydney, or NSW the state we're in, but it is a brilliant game and doesn't require the players to inflict injury on one another .

The season hasn't started just yet, it's  a winter sport which sprawls into autumn and early spring, the game I went to was part of a preliminary season match played at the cricket ground next to the Olympic venue for Baseball, Soccer and Softball in 2000.

The Swans were playing Carlton a Melbourne team who can be quite tough competition.

Great game and the Swans won :)

Love this shot as the young boy down the front in the red vest was so passionate about the game.  He is poitning to a carlton player who should have received a penalty but none of the 5 referees saw the dodgy play. haha  If you have not attended an AFL match, there's always a lot of yelling at the ref for dodgy calls, not always warranted, mostly just to heckle, it's a lot of fun.

Not a bad shot considering it's handheld on 10x zoom under flood lights and as I've stated previously I'm not using a DSLR, just my Panasonic TZ1.  There's a fair bit of noise if I blow the image up, but for what the shot is I like it.

Young boy keeping an eagle eye on the game, and the referees.  Adam Goodes was pushed from behind and is on his knees.  Apparently as he was going for the ball this should have been a penalty but the ref didn't see it..................... ;)


  1. Were you able to make out what the kid sitting in the row in front was drawing in his sketch book? Looks a bit like Mr Potato Head :D

  2. Thin kit was a her and it was one of the umpires from memory, so Mr Potato head is appropriate.

    The game was at blacktown oly park, near Nurragingy so not far for us to go at all. Next game is March 6th, Brendan's birthday but he pleaded that we don't go haha


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