Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 40

Snow Monkeys

What an experience.  there were people everywhere and only 1 monkey in the onsen when we arrived, the rest were scattered around eating what looked like wheat someone had spread out fairly sparingly so the monkeys had to forage for it.

After a while this fellow/lady climbed into the onsen and moved as far away from the crowds as he/she could.  I didn't notice the permed look until I downloaded my photos once I was home.

It must be so nice to just sit in the hot water with the snow around and warm yourself up anytime you want or need to.

and a pic of everyone clamouring to take a pic of the one monkey, a fairly young one too.


  1. Love it. Have to have the pink face as well as the perm! Judy

  2. So pleased you were able to visit the monkeys and actually saw a couple:) Anne

  3. We saw more than a couple, they were everywhere, just not in the onsen.


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