Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 72

Another friday another $$.

Off super early to a work thing all day, promoting our product at an expo for schools, unfortunately the expo organisers chose a dud date (loads of other educational things on) and we were lucky to have 5 people by midday :(

On a positive my colleague showed me how to use one of our products (sewing machine) and I showed her how to use our new product (visitor management software that bundles with a label printer), so we both learnt a lot!

So today's pic is a view of our street, I liked the fingers of light coming through the gum trees (well technically they aren't gum trees, they are actually Corymbia citriodora which are related to gum trees ie they are in the same family, but not Eucalypts) ok enviro nerd mode over ;)


  1. THis photo makes your street look really beautiful. Judy

  2. As lovely as it is to experience the quaintness of the UK, I really miss seeing Aussie trees. I got chills going up and down my back when I saw this photo.

  3. err thanks Judy, I think... It's not what I'd call beautiful but the picture captures the peaceful nature of the street that we experience every day :)

    Bee - If it wouldn't get caught up in customs I'd send some of the seed pods over for you ;)


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