Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 80

Clothes shopping leaves me cold, though today was special, mum and I weren't looking for just any old clothes, we were wedding dress shopping.  Most little girls dream about this shopping trip and play dress ups husband and wife role playing etc.  Not me, I don't have any predisposed ideas about my wedding at all.

I had heard the stories from friends  that you'll know when you see it on, the moment you put it on you'll know.  For me it was the moment the lovely fitting assistant put the veil on for me.  Mum was chatting away to a sales person and I had to draw her attention to the fact this one THE one. The fitter insisted I try on some others and then we came back to the 2nd dress again.  In my mind it was the one, however she suggested we go for a coffee or lunch and try dresses on elsewhere to be certain.  

We did as recommended and there was one dress that I liked quite a lot, though it was beaded with big rough beads (perhaps my skin is just sensitive?) on the dress including under the arms, which made it uncomfortable to wear even for the 10  minutes i was in it.  The dress was gorgeous, but it wasn't able to be altered or made without the beading under the arm area, and really even though it looked stunning on, it wasn't really suited to the style of wedding Brendan and I are leaning towards.

Mum's coffee.

I'm so excited to have found my wedding dress, it seems a little surreal as we've been talking about getting started on planning the wedding and choosing a venue, but we haven't had a spare moment to really do anything serious about our thoughts.


  1. Great stuff Susie. YOur day with your Mum sounds very similar to the day Jane & I went wedding dress shopping. We had lunch at that Viennese Coffee shop in QVB and it is still my favourite place in Sydney. Look forward to the rest of the wedding news!!! No pressure.

  2. At this stage that's the extent of our 'planning' and i use that term very loosely!

    Have no fear, we'll share everything once it's sorted. :)


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