Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day 74

St Patricks day....... Not that we remembered...... Ok, so it has been a busy week, I blame the St Patricks day mix up on world peace......

BBQ with some of the crew today, great sunday wind down and a really nice afternoon.  Dan and Bec got to see the place and we all got to see lachie who's now 4 months!  To entertain himself he blows raspberries, repeatedly and is just adorable!

Despite his cuteness, the highlight of the BBQ turned out to be the Gluten free mud cake I made and iced with a ganache.  YUM!!!!

*Hint I didn't make it from scratch, a colleague gave me the hot tip about the packet mix she needs to use as she's coeliac.  It's better than normal mud cake, so chocolatey but so much lighter!



  1. Good to see the table in use. Did you get your sail? Judy

  2. Paddy's Day is the 17th, not the 14th :)

    And I thought the highlight of your day was a phone call from me lmao :P

    I could murder a chocolate cake right about now, I haven't had anything chocolate for days, I'm having withdrawals.

  3. yeah, so I discovered today....... Paddy's day that is. Not sure what planet I was on!

    Judy - yes, we bought the shade sail on Sat and a ladder, which just fit into the car, luckily!


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