Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 78

We love our sleep, though life gets in the way most of the time.  This is my wonderful fiance Brendan and the pic was taken early before the alarm went off, for some very odd reason (I know you're all falbbergasted) I woke up before the alarm!

For those that don't know me but are following my blog I love sleeping in, lounging around on a weekend morning etc and I thought I was the most extravagant at this pursuit until I met Brendan. He is the King of all sleeper-in-ers EVER and it has a magically calming influence.


  1. Sorry folks, I can't figure out what has happened to the formatting of this post, just cannot correct it!

  2. We always said Brendan so laid back he was horizontal. Glad he's found someone who appreciates it! Judy

  3. Brendan would be great as a koala in his next life :D

    The cold weather is really having an impact on my energy levels over here. When the temp drops close to 0 it makes me so sleepy. If you lovebirds come to visit you'll be in sleepy heaven.

  4. Just another ski day... :p



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