Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 81

What a stinker of a day, summer sure is giving us a last gasp of heat, our first day with nothing on for ages and it's hot, again!  Every day we've had nothing planned it's uncomfortably hot, at least the Air conditioning people rang on Friday to say the parts have arrived and they can come and install the new bits, we won't need it then until winter, oh the irony...

Nutmeg has been trialing a little red harness with moderate success on and off for the last few weeks, the first time she dragged a shoulder along the ground and then looked as though it was too heavy for her to wear and plonked herself in one spot for most of the day.  Today was the day we were going to let her outside with the harness and a 3m retractable lead on.

WOW did she love being outside, no surprises there really, she was initially very unsure what it was all about and stayed on the back verandah and at one point hid behind the gas bottle of our portable BBQ. When she touched grass she startled herself a little bit and after a minute or 2 started padding down on it, then had a bit of a lie down and chased a cricket.  The expression on her face could have passed for wide eyed wonder.

A while later inside she was bulldozing the router around on the floor and then the phone, which was next to it.  after a few minutes I  realised she wasn't just playing, there was something under the router.  turns out it was a garden skink with a slightly damaged front leg.  Even though I let the lizard go outside, she was still bulldozing the router for an hour or 2 afterwards.


  1. awww, such a pretty little guy.

  2. they are! they grow up to be about 30-40cms if they survive the cats. One of the reasons our cat is an indoor cat only.


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