Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 73

Off to a friends birthday today all the way over in Newtown, before the house move it was a 20 minute trip, now (battling Parramatta rd) it's over an hour Boooo :(  Next time we'll go the other way and over the bridge to avoid it, has to be quicker, doesn't it?

we battled traffic home too, 50 mins on parramatta rd yet again just to go a few kms to the M4 and home *sigh* That's ridiculous!  Come on 'Mrs Premier'  announce a solution for this road and update it from the 1970's.....

Some great cloud formations distracted me during our delayed return home.


  1. Who's the premier this week??

    Parramatta Rd should be renamed "Rat race road".

    Nice clouds.

  2. the new premier is a canadian born Aussie woman! Kristina Keneally

    You can see her pic on the welcome page.

    time will tell!

  3. Oh yeah... I think I heard or read something about her before I left Aus.


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