Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 75

I love Annual Leave, I love that we get 4 weeks every year, I'd love more though and would probably trade a pay rise for more leave!

I took today off to do a few things and also make use of the Day spa voucher Brendan gave me for my birthday.  Utter bliss is how I would describe it.  Kati and I had a massage, facial and i had a pedicure, something i've only had 3 times before, ever, so it was nice to indulge.

My skin now feels awesome, so hydrated and I feel really mellow, what a great way to start the working week :D

I couldn't take a photo in the spa, but have this one from their website, slight cheat here I know, but it was such bliss and nothing else sums up today quite as well.

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