Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 77

I had no idea how this would turn out, but I like it.  Very spontaneous, it's the roll down blinds in our bedroom and there's a gap between them.  It was a bright sunny morning and I remembered I hadn't taken a self portrait and wondered if I could get a silhouette without too much flaring on my little P+S.

I've been reading a few project 365 blogs today and was interested to see most of the 'serious' amateur photographers do quite a bit of post processing to enhance various bits and pieces.  I'm not really interested in that and I might never be as I'm trying to improve my skills behind the camera so I don't do anything other than cropping on some photos, but none since the first week I think.


  1. Great silhouette. Perfect lines across the facial features. Love it.

    I think if a picture is properly taken, it doesn't require a lot of post processing. For the most part, when I do anything in photoshop, it's just general colour balance, and I'm even learning how to properly adjust my white balance (and by how much) in camera so that I don't have to even do much of that.

    Tho, every now and then, I like to use photoshop just to artsy up a shot. ;)

  2. Thanks Dave :)

    post processing/photoshop certainly has it's place

  3. Beautfiul Susie. Does your Dad use photoshoping. I know Jim is not fussed about it. Judy

  4. Judy - no idea if dad uses anything, he may have a version of photoshop but not sure what he uses it for.

    Cheers T


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