Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 83

What a busy week and it's only Tuesday, I was out late both nights and Nutmeg is playing up at night, waking us up by sitting on us or touching noses, so she's being locked out of the bedroom for a while.

Tonight's late night was due to a farewell for a colleague and my old boss, old as in not my current boss, not as in age (Hi mark *waves*) ;)

Great night getting the old crew together, all but 1, now 2 still work at the company but we've all gone on to bigger and better jobs within the company, out of the 10 of us, there was only 1 he didn't hire as they were already at the company.  It was highlighted by scott that mark has a great talent for choosing the right people who can grow with the company.  Marks take on it was when he interviewed us all our energy said to him to hire us.

Sad to see mark go, but a great night to catch up with everyone.

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